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Marriage Money Bootcamp

The fastest and most affordable way to plan your financial future, together.

What's included?

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Your Time is NOW
Marriage Money Bootcamp Promo and Introduction
3 mins
Terms of Service
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The Only Workbook You'll Ever Need
The Ultimate Money Workbook
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Seriously...Let's Talk About Money
Money Values - Section Intro
4 mins
Goals - Inventory, Prioritize, and State Them Properly
9 mins
Risk - A More Overarching Discussion Than You Probably Realize
9 mins
Spending - What's High Priority Now? What Should Be?
4 mins
Investing - Types and Familiarity. Time to Be a Team
9 mins
Learn To Budget The Retirement You Want
Budget Spreadsheet Walkthrough
7 mins
Monthly Retirement Savings Goal Calculator Walkthrough
11 mins
Destroy Your Debt: The Secret Method To Get Out And Stay Out Of Debt
Intro to Debt Management
2 mins
Understand Debt And How To Pay It Off
6 mins
Get Out of Debt Worksheet Walkthrough
4 mins
Understanding Your Credit Score
7 mins
Learn How CreditKarma Can Help You
6 mins
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Intro Home Purchase planning Section
2 mins
Real Estate Glossary
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Longterm Wealth: Why Home Ownership is Key
8 mins
Rent or Buy?: How to Run the Numbers
12 mins
Mortgages Intro
5 mins
Monthly Housing Budget: How to Calculate
8 mins
How Much Mortgage? How High a Purchase Price?
11 mins
Closing Disclosure - Redacted
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Downpayments Intro
7 mins
Downpayment Calculation Walkthrough
5 mins
Parent Stuff - Education Funding and New Parent Checklist
Intro to College Education Savings
5 mins
The Most Popular Way to Save - 529 Accounts
6 mins
Alternative Funding Vehicles - 529s Aren't the Only Way
8 mins
A Final Word
8 mins
Education Savings Calculator Walkthrough
8 mins
New Parent Checklist
Course Extras
Document Storage System
3 mins
Interview with a Marriage & Family Therapist
43 mins
Estate Attorney Interview
13 mins
1040 Tax Form Change Review
30 mins


Marriage Money Bootcamp is a personal finance course designed for both newlyweds and long term partnerships that need help with financial planning. 

It’s cheaper than in-person professional counseling, yet offered by professionals with the qualifications and expertise at a fraction of the cost. It’s 100% online to fit your schedule. It’s also likely the most significant investment you can put into your marriage.

Did you know that arguments about money are the #1 cause of relationship strain and divorce? 

While you and your spouse might be perfectly compatible, money might be the hidden hot-button that hasn't been revealed. Not proactively discussing money with your spouse inevitably leads to uncomfortable conversations if not discussed upfront and properly. 

This course contains the framework to have the essential "Money Talks" you and your spouse must have to help avoid headaches in the future. 

Although people often blame themselves when money problems arise, whether within marriage or long-term partnership, the truth is that conventional advice has consistently failed them. Couples spend thousands of dollars on counseling and workshops in an attempt to diffuse the growing, stomach-churning tension gripping their relationship. 

Much of the advice offered by financial gurus suffers from one simple yet fatal flaw. 

The truth is that most financial planners only teach people how to manage their money individually ― not as a couple. Instead of functioning as a well-oiled unit, couples find themselves in a tug-of-war. 

Learning how to manage money individually (the way most financial planners teach) doesn’t help couples who want to learn how to get on the same page as their partner. In other words, the skill set needed to manage money on your own is entirely different than the skills you need to manage money as a couple. 

Because of this, no matter how many workshops you attend, no matter how many sessions of couples therapy you slog through, your problem will still remain unsolved, like a lonely rubix cube. 

Learn to manage your money together to succeed...together.

This course was created for newlyweds who want to get real answers to their questions about finances. We created this course for loving partners who want to make confident financial decisions with the person they love the most. Learning how to coexist in financial harmony lets you spend more time experiencing the joy of your relationship. 

Plan for a better future, Today!

After nearly a decade in finance, Richard realized that the resources available for couples starting a financial partnership together were completely inadequate. Glossy books with worksheets just aren't a plausible solution for most busy newlyweds who are far more comfortable operating in a digital medium.  On top of that, CFPs and CPAs are expensive and often out of reach for newlyweds just starting out who can't afford $250/hr consulting rates or who don't have several hundred thousand dollars to invest. Together with Victor (a software engineer) and Trevor, (his business partner and fellow CPA/CFP) we set out to address this problem. We thought to ourselves, what questions are young couples constantly bringing up? What are they all concerned about? How can we package the answers to those questions/concerns into a digital product that's affordable? This was the roadmap for what has become Marriage Money Bootcamp. Richard and the team built a program going through exercises that he's done with hundreds of clients over the years. These same exercises that he's gone through with his wife as well! How much should we save each month for the down payment on a home? What types of college savings plans should we consider for our baby? What's the most practical way to pay off our debts? How do we budget together and set financial goals together? Helping young people answer these questions is our passion. We feel we've done a pretty good job addressing most of these in our course and we hope you join us on the ride!